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Rent your existing technology to other schools when you're not using it. Recoup some of your initial investment to spend on other resources.

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Browse the EdTech Hub to rent other forms of technology from schools in your area.

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Become an approved teacher or book affordable CPD training with other expert teachers in your area.


Browse the Edtech Hub directory to find different technology suppliers at discounted prices.

Current Problem

Falling Budgets

Schools are expected to prepare their pupils for the ever-changing digital world but are given less funding to do so.

High Risk

For the most part, technology is expensive and is developing rapidly. Schools run the risk of investing in short lived, soon to be obsolete products.

Overwhelming Choice

To put it simply, there are too many edtech products to choose from. Teachers are extremely busy and they don’t have the time to research everything out there.

Sat Idle

Unlike computers, most products aren’t used everyday in schools. As a result, some technology spends the majority of its time hidden away in the cupboard.


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EdTech Hub: The ‘Airbnb’ of Education

The world is changing and education needs to change with it. Many sectors have been transformed by the so called ‘share economy’. Booking accommodation through Airbnb, ordering a taxi through Uber, raising money through crowd funding and sharing your pets through BorrowMyDoggy are all perfect examples of how people are sharing in today’s economy....

4 Current Problems with the UK Edtech Market

Since September 2017, I’ve been travelling across the UK delivering Virtual Reality workshops in schools. I’ve now been into over 200 schools and there are 4 key problems I’ve noticed about technology in the education sector. 1. Budget cuts Budgets are tight and new technology is a luxury schools can’t afford. I’m sure you’re...

5 Popular Edtech Products for the Classroom

There are hundreds of different technology products available for the primary classroom at the moment. Navigating through this choice can be daunting for teachers and so I’ve put together a list of the most popular edtech products (according to demand on Rocket Fund – a crowd funding platform for schools). 1. Virtual Reality (VR)...

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